Theme & Tracks

Main Topic: MNEs, Sustainability and Climate Change

To achieve the transformation towards a more sustainable world, the main political, economic and societal actors are looking for global solutions to face the global climate change which is perceived as the most important issue of our time. An ever increasing number of regions, sectors, ecosystems and social groups are confronted in the same time by the impacts of climate change on future societal transformation. Climate change is also severely affecting MNEs activities in a wide variety of sectors and countries. Their large activities can accelerate or slow the sustainable development process both locally and globally.
Starting from this observation, MESD’15 will mainly focus on the ways MNEs can address climate change issues. Considering the magnitude of the global warming issues, MESD’15 expands its target to any enterprise concerned by climate change issues. A particular intention will be given to enterprises known as “Born Global” whose impact on sustainability issues is revolutionizing the traditional character of international business.
The conference seeks to identify any new feature of MNEs that is compatible with sustainable development in general and with the climate change issues in particular.
MESD’15 encourages any type of multi-, inter- or transdisciplinary studies and practices linking disciplines, knowledge systems and stakeholders to support a more sustainable business. Also, solutions-oriented studies in agreement with the Future Earth 2025 Vision are very welcome.
This can be done by exploring how enterprises can engage with the two major historic events that will take place in 2015: Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC which is expected to take place in December 2015, in Paris, France and United Nations Summit to adopt the post-2015 development agenda to take place in September 2015, in New York.
MESD’15 aims at providing an exchange forum for academics, consultants and business leaders with an interest in the advancement of innovation and sustainability in mature as well as emerging companies with an aspiration to play a significant role for a more sustainable world.

The following tracks are only indicative of topics broadly fitting into the core of the conference. Other submissions fitting into the theme of the conference are most welcome.
Authors are invited to select one the following 10 tracks:
1.            Technology and sustainability
2.            Born Globals
3.            Resource allocation and efficiency
4.            Corporate entrepreneurship
5.            Entry modes and country selection
6.            Global Value Change
7.            Open Innovation
8.            Corporate venturing
9.            Corporate Social Responsibility
10.          Risk and return of corporate innovation