How to submit


You may submit your extended abstract or your full paper by visiting the Ex Ordo submission system (you will be required to setup an account first):

How to submit a extended abstract/full paper to MESD2015 Using Ex Ordo:

  1. Go to and create an account
  2. Click on the “Submit a Paper” to-do on your dashboard
  3. Read the “Guide for Authors” and ensure that your submission follows these guidelines
  4. Step 1. Choose the format that you would prefer to present your paper in. Oral or Poster presentation?
  5. Step 2. Type the Submission Title, abstract and keywords into the relevant textboxes
  6. Step 3. Add in the details of the authors here. We ask for the author details in this step so that submissions remain anonymous in the reviewing stage. Do not include author details in your paper upload.
  7. Step 4. Choose the topic that you would like to submit your paper to. You may only choose one.
  8. Step 5. Upload your paper (in pdf format) here, using the upload paper button. If you do not want to upload your full paper now, just upload a blank pdf file here.
  9. Your paper has now been successfully submitted for reviewing. Please make a note of your submission ID for future reference.

If you have technical problems to submit your extended abstract or full paper, please contact:

For no-technical questions, please contact: