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The Journal of Cleaner Production

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The Journal of Cleaner Production serves as a transdisciplinary, international forum for the exchange of information and research concepts, policies, and technologies designed to help ensure progress towards making societies and regions more sustainable. It aims to encourage innovation and creativity, new and improved products, and the implementation of new, cleaner structures, systems, processes, products and services. It is also designed to stimulate the development and implementation of prevention oriented governmental policies and educational programmes. For more information, please visit


World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development

5-Year Impact Factor: 0,64

World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development has agreed to develop a Special issue with conference papers. WREMSD is a multidisciplinary refereed journal on issues central to management and sustainable development around the world. The general theme of WREMSD has been very carefully chosen to include business and entrepreneurship management and the challenges these represent in terms of global competitiveness and sustainable development. It also addresses the question of how we are going to help local people to adapt and apply modern managerial practices to their local settings and improve their decision-making process and competitiveness

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Management of Environment Quality

Impact Factor: 0,4 has agreed to develop a Special issue with conference papers

Management of Enviromental Quality is an international journal designed to examine the environmental factors and their impact on the overall quality of ecosystems and quality of life. The journal adopts an inter-disciplinary approach to the problem of managing the environment and up-keeping good quality standards, with a view to reducing the deleterious effects of man's activities. By analyzing and managing the environment responsibly – the journal presents major research findings, warnings of potential dangers to health, and suggestions for different codes of practice to safeguard our environment and health. It also encourages international liaison, assessment, and co-operation.


Environment and Planning A

Impact Factor: 1,69 has agreed to develop a Special issue with conference papers

Environment and Planning A is an interdisciplinary journal focused on the interface of human geography, environmental studies, and urban and regional research. Innovation—whether theoretical, methodological, or in some other way—is a priority for the journal. is defined by its embrace of a wide array of theories, methods, and approaches. International in scope, readership, and outlook, the journal aims to publish work with scholarly impact across a broad disciplinary and intellectual front..