Double-blind reviewing


A double-blind peer-review process is applied to ensure that evaluations are as high quality and error free as possible. The authors' identities are not known to the reviewers. Papers will be prescreened for conformity with submission guidelines and for overall appropriateness for the conference. Papers that pass the initial screening process will then be double-blind reviewed.

The research papers will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance to selected research conference topics,
  • Clear definition of the core issue,
  • Mastery of the concepts used,
  • Theoretical and methodological contribution,
  • Usefulness to management practices,
  • Depth of the analyses and arguments,
  • Validity and consistency of the discussions,
  • Quality of the literature review,
  • Quality and readability of the text,
  • Conformity with submission guidelines.

Upon completion of the review processes, reviewers should provide constructive feedback and make suggestions to authors in order to improve the quality of the paper.