Partial Grants


A limited number of active participants may be eligible for partial grants to help defray the costs of travel. Preference will be given to those whose institutions are unable to fund them completely (e.g. universities in developing countries). Grant applicants should indicate their interest at the bottom of the conference application forms and should attach a letter that briefly explains their intended activity at the Conference. The maximum amount of each grant is 500€. Refer to the conference website for the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • The recipient's paper must be accepted for presentation at the conference
  • The recipient's paper is judged to have made a significant contribution
  • The recipient must be registered for the conference
  • The recipient must attend the conference and present his or her paper
  • The recipient must justify that he or she is unable to fund the cost of their participation completely

Please note that the recipient's eligibility for the grant is contingent upon registration for the MESD 2009 conference. In all cases, the payment will be presented to the successful recipient at the end of the conference.