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Rules of Procedure

Adopted on July 1, 2013


ARTICLE 1: Registration of new members.

The Board decides at each of its meetings on the applications for membership. Those wishing to join must complete a membership form.


ARTICLE 2: Resignation - Exclusion - Death of a member

The resignation of a member shall be addressed to the President by registered letter. The resigner does not have to give reasons for his resignation.

The exclusion of a member may be imposed by the Board for a serious fault. Expulsion may be ordered as a result of : non-involvement in the association, an enforceable criminal conviction for serious crimes and offences, any action that is considered such as to prejudice directly or indirectly in the activities of the association or reputation. In any case, the applicant will have the opportunity to present his defense, prior to the decision of exclusion. The exclusion decision is adopted by the Board acting by a two-thirds majority of members present.

In case of death of a member, the heirs or legatees shall not be entitled to any maintenance in the association.

The dues paid to the association are definitively acquired, even in case of resignation, exclusion or death of a member during the year.


ARTICLE 3: General Meetings - Terms and Conditions for votes

Votes of the members present. Members cast their votes by raising their hands . However, a secret ballot may be requested by the Board or 20% of the members present.

Votes by proxy. If a member of the association cannot personally attend a meeting, he can be represented by an agent under the conditions set out in that Article.


ARTICLE 4: Allowance for reimbursement.

Only members of the board and the office are entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

The maximum tariffs for travel and accommodation shall be per night: standard 2-star hotel, full board or half board; meal: €15 if there is no full board; train travel: SNCF 2nd class prices; The reimbursement of travel expenses by car shall remain exceptional.

ARTICLE 5: Working Committee

Working committees may be established by decision of the Board.


ARTICLE 6: Modification of the rules

These rules of procedure may be amended by the Board or by the ordinary general meeting by a simple majority.