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Membership Form


Who can join?

Any person (students, faculty, professionals) can become an adherent member of MESD .


Membership agreement

The membership agreement is concluded for a period of twelve months (prorated quarterly if during the year). The renewal of the contract will be automatically renewed for a further period of 12 months, except if it has been cancelled before December 31 of every year. The amount of annual fee can be adjusted annually by the board of directors of the association.


Membership fees 2013-2014

The Constitutive Assembly of July 1, 2013 has decided the amount of membership below for 2013-2014 which also represents the amount of annual fee:

  • €40 for adherents and active members
  • €500 for institutional members

The annual fee consists of:

  • the inclusion in the online directory,
  • the subscription to the newsletter,

Plus, the members of the association will enjoy reduced prices for the events organized in collaboration with MESD.

The association will appreciate any kind of financial help to carry on with its work.


How to pay?

Via check (French members): simply return the membership form that you may download and print, along with a check to:

          • €40 for adherents and active members
          • €500 for institutional member

at the address below: Association MESD, ICN Business School, 13 rue Michel Ney, CO 75 54037 NANCY. The check will have to be made out to the order of Association MESD


Pay via bank transfer: Please ask fo the international Bank Account Number.


You can use your credit card, your bank account or the PayPal service. This method of payment is fast and secured, but the association must pay a commission for each transaction which amounts to 3.4% of the paid amount + 0,25 €. To pay your fees, use the email address of the association:


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