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What is MESD'23 ?

The MESD is a scientific international conference engaged in exchanges with colleagues, experts, scientists and policy makers from all around the world focused on research and practices at the core of sustainable strategic management. The sixth Multinational Enterprises and Sustainable Development International Conference (MESD'23), organized by the MESD Association in conjunction with The Department of Commerce, Faculty of Commerce and Business, University of Delhi, The Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER),  Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, US,   ICN Business School, France, and CEREFIGE, France. MESD'23 will take place on November 29-30, 2023,  in India, hosted by the Department of Commerce, Faculty of Commerce and Business, University of Delhi.

Why support MESD 2023?

Conference Sponsors make it possible us to provide the best quality conference and keep the registration fees affordable to researchers and students from all around the world. Your funding would allow us to continue to offer exceptional grants for smart, talented, interesting people who bring major contributions but are unable to fund the costs of their trips completely.

What are the benefits for our sponsors?

The promotion campaign of MESD 2023 includes a large number of international researchers and institutions (academic, industrial, private, public, governmental and nongovernmental) playing a significant role in climate change issues. In addition, our participants can get a general idea of our sponsors during speeches, round-tables discussions and at Gala Dinner.

How to become sponsor ?

There are many ways for you to support our conference. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of MESD 2023, please contact our person in charge of sponsorship: