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May 16, 2012
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Theme & Tracks

The following tracks are only indicative of topics broadly fitting into the core of the conference. Other submissions fitting into the theme of the conference are most welcome.

1. MNEs and Managing Sustainable Business Dynamics:

  • Decisional structures
  • Organizational behavior and implementing strategies ranging from human resources to technology and communications

2. MNE Strategic Choices and Sustainable Development :

  • International entry strategies
  • Mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances and joint ventures
  • Cross border strategies

3. Factors and Motivations of Sustainable Practices:

  • The macro-economic, market, social, and political factors which define the emergence and diffusion of multinational strategies and practices as well as country or region-specificinstitutional and managing cross-cultural issues

4. MNEs and Ethical Issues:

  • The normative and corporate governance frameworks
  • The role of MNEs in evolving regional and international regimes (treaties, codes, norms,
    standards, monitoring systems) and the impacts of MNEs’ courses of action
  • Transparency in operations and regulatory framework: business ethics, CSR; corporate

5. MNEs and Innovative Sustainable Strategies:

  • Innovative strategies and practices for competitiveness
  • Innovative finances for sustainable development: financialization of agri-commodities market in India and sustainable development
  • Financial networks and growth of MNEs
  • Emergence of Strong supply chain networks
  • Entrepreneurial issues, practices and born global firms

6. Multinational Enterprises and Emerging Nations:

  • Critical issues in the initial and ensuing stages of implementation depending on the global growth context (India, China and other emerging nations)
  • Managing Cross-cultural Issues and challenges