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Dear Conference Participants and Presenters,

This website is designed to facilitate all informational requirements connected with the October 2006 Colloquium on the Multinational Enterprise and Sustainable Development as a Tool for Competitiveness.

This event is a unique opportunity to compare and contrast U.S. and European corporate policies and best practices on the theme of sustainable development in the life cycle of a global enterprise. It will allow participants to focus more squarely on the intersection of global corporate strategy, decision making, and organization and the policy and applied issues of the sustainable development agenda.

The colloquium is organized by research and policy Centers located both in Europe and the United States, representing a unique alliance to address a complex set of multidisciplinary issues.

The colloquium organizers and academic committees look forward to an intense and focused exchange of views, presentation of innovative approaches and research which will shed light on this critical intersect. The October 2006 Atlanta-based colloquium is the first of a series with a followup to be held in the region of Lorraine, France in 2007.

It is our intent to publish selected papers and presentations in a proceedings book and in a special issue of an international business journal to enrich a growing body of policy and management literature.

Atlanta, as the colloquium site, is a vibrant regional economic capital exemplifying many of the challenges and opportunities raised by sustainable development corporate initiatives on the threshold of this new century.

We are at your disposal for any information you may require and look forward to interacting.


John R. McIntyre
CIBER Executive Director