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The colloquium is open to anyone who wants to gather or share information on the topic of sustainable development and Multinational Enterprises Practices.

The Colloquium can be especially interesting for:

Senior Executives in Sustainable Development, Resource Management and Strategic Planning of multinational companies. This conference will also be of great interest to scientists, experts, consultants and other professionals working in the area of sustainable development. We are especially looking forward to the participation of personalities in a position to influence the strategic future visions of their companies. This conference is also targeted to meet needs of Governmental and Regulatory Bodies, the UN and Non-Governmental Organizations.

We welcome paper proposals from research faculty, business and policy practitioners, as well as advanced graduate students which bear on the broad topics identified earlier, with special emphasis on US and European contexts. Papers focusing on other regions are also welcome.

There are two ways to participate to the colloquium: either via an oral presentation or by attending the colloquium.

The colloquium will include oral presentations of accepted papers and invited talks. Solicited papers which are accepted after review for presentation at the Colloquium will be published in an edition of proceedings. Publication in a special issue in association with a professional journal is being negotiated at the time of this writing.

English will be official language the 2006 colloquium because of its location. Presentations must therefore, for this first colloquium, be made in English.