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Extended abstract due: 27 March 2006
Acceptance Notification: 15 April 2006
Paper Submission : 17 June 2006
Registration : 1 October 2006
Colloquium : 19 and 20 October 2006

Multinational Practices on Sustainable Development:

The colloquium will explore the ideas that multinationals have concerning sustainable development and to reaffirm their strategies and organizational practices (human resources, marketing, technology, communications, etc). It also deals with the understanding of the factors that motivate these decisions as well as the specifics that determine them. Examples, case studies and concrete experiences will help us understand these processes.

The conditions of emergence, diffusion and continuity in sustainable development:

Here, we deal with the roles that the macroeconomic environment (political, social, legal, institutional and cultural) have on the emergence and diffusion of multinational practices. The symposium will deal with the question of the impact of the positions taken by the ONG and the international organizations, (ILO, UN, etc) as well as the study of institutional and cultural specificities. It will also treat the influence of the micro-economic environment (market, competition, stakeholders, activity sectors, etc.) as well as the incidence of organizational (size, hierarchy, top management teams, etc) and decisional specificities.

The role of multinationals in the development of politics and/or global strategies on sustainable development:

The involves examining the role of multinationals in the implementation and diffusion of regional and international initiatives, (political, social or legal) in terms of codes or behavioral norms of a universal character susceptible to orient organizational behavior.

Note: Other subjects and issues in relation with the central question may be treated.

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