MESD'17 - Atlanta, Georgia USA - December 7-9, 2017

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The first conference of MESD was hosted by Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta (USA) and co-organized by the ICN Business School (Nancy, France) and the CEREFIGE laboratory (Nancy, France)

The main themes were:

  • Multinational Practices on Sustainable Development: The conference explored the ideas that multinationals have concerning sustainable development and reaffirmed their strategies and organizational practices (human resources, marketing, technology, communications, etc). It also dealt with the understanding of the factors that motivate these decisions as well as the specifics that determine them. Examples, case studies and concrete experiences helped to expose these processes.
  • The conditions of emergence, diffusion and continuity in sustainable development: Here, we dealt with the roles that the macroeconomic environment (political, social, legal, institutional and cultural) have on the emergence and diffusion of multinational practices. The symposium will dealt with the question of the impact of the positions taken by the ONG and the international organizations, (ILO, UN, etc) as well as the study of institutional and cultural specificities. It also highlighted the influence of the micro-economic environment (market, competition, stakeholders, activity sectors, etc.) as well as organizational (size, hierarchy, top management teams, etc) and decisional specificities.
  • The role of multinationals in the development of politics and/or global strategies on sustainable development: The involved examining the role of multinationals in the implementation and diffusion of regional and international initiatives (political, social or legal).

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The second Multinational Enterprises and Sustainable Development International Conference (MESD 2009) was co-organized by the ICN Business School (Nancy, France), the CEREFIGE (Nancy-Metz, France) and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA). The 2009 MESD Conference focused on the issue of Strategies for Sustainable Technologies and Innovations. This event -an excellent opportunity to discuss and address questions at the core of sustainable strategic management- was designed for management scholars, economists, lawyers, sociologists and those in relevant engineering fields. We encouraged participants to consider and share potential answers to questions such as why, when and how innovative and strategic technological choices will be made and deployed.

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The third Multinational Enterprises and Sustainable Development International Conference (MESD'12) was held on December 12-14 in New Delhi, India . The conference was jointly organized by the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Evening College of the University of Delhi (India) which also hosts the conference this year, the ICN Business School (France), the CEREFIGE of the Université de Lorraine (France), and the Georgia Tech Center for International Business Education and Research, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA. It was a great success with 285 participants from 10 countries and numerous personalities from the academic and political world, including the Chief Minister of the State of Delhi, Mrs. Sheila Dikshit.

The MESD'12 raised the key question of the role multinational enterprises plays in the dynamic sustainable business environment. Contrasting U.S., European and Indian based multinational enterprises, roadmaps yielded innovative solutions for one of the central issues of our era.

Several multinational companies had the opportunity to share their "best practices." The main sponsor of the conference was "The Indian Council of Social Science Research."

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