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ATLANTA October 19-20th 2006

Welcome to the First International Research Colloquium

MESD 2006
Strategic Tool for Competitiveness

The Center for International Business Education and Research and the Institute for Sustainable Technology and Development of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA in partnership with the ICN Ecole de Management and Groupe de Recherche en Gestion Nancy-Metz, France will hold a research colloquium in Atlanta, Georgia, October 19-20, 2006.

The Colloquium raises the key question of the role which multinational enterprises play in the conception and implementation of sustainable development policies, in the context of economic globalization. Because of the size and scope of their transborder activities, multinationals are global environmental actors and stewards. Their corporate strategies can accelerate or slow the sustainable development process. Contrasting U.S. and European-based multinational enterprises' roadmaps will yield innovative solutions for one of the key issues of our era.

  • Exchanges with colleagues, experts, scientists and policy makers from all over the world.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest sustainable development practices.
  • Conference papers will be reviewed by the International Scientific Committee and once selected will be rapidly published in book form.
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